Charleston property brims with underwater activity at the South Carolina Aquarium. Here a magnitude of aquatic animals flourish in state of the art habitats. Guests to the aquarium find themselves amazed at a whole new world thriving under the waves along the coastline and deep into the sea. 

Exhibits stay true to form highlighting the special quality of all creatures living in Charleston here. The Great Ocean Tank seems as large as the ocean itself. Two stories tall this is where majestic sharks swim past. Another favorite spot to linger is the touch pool where fingers can get wet and visitors up close and personal. Youngsters love to feel the rough texture of a sea star or the soft movement of a sea urchin. Land loving critters are also featured in the building. Those exploring the Coastal Plain display find American Alligators and rattlesnakes crawling and slithering around. In the Salt Marsh Aviary feathered friends are numerous and include coastal birds such as herons.

Volunteers Living in Charleston Make Waves

The South Carolina Aquarium loves to give back. Staying true to their mission of conservation and education, the facility features a rehabilitation center for sick and injured sea turtles right on the Charleston property. The Sea Turtle Care Center takes in a variety of injured animals with the hope of caring for them and re-releasing them into the wild. Turtles most commonly treated include those with debilitated turtle syndrome, victims of shark bites, boat injuries and shock from the elements. Volunteers dedicate time alongside expert staff members truly making a different. Read more about sea turtle recoveries and how to help here.

Open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. it’s easy to plan a spur of the moment trip. Annual memberships are great for locals. With unlimited admission and various discounts a spectacular journey awaits with boundless opportunity for learning about and appreciating Mother Nature’s creatures on the land and under the sea.